Am Mr.Joseph Yadav Christopher Jr, I'm from Long Beach, California. I have dual nationality, Partly India, and American.
Am born and raise here in the USA and the only child of my parents and I have a son. I went to Covent school during my college and attended university Michigan.
I have bachelor's degree in engineering
I like my job because I took after my dad.
My dad is from the united state here while my mom is from India. I have visited India most times. Am a Roman Catholic.
I have a son called Morgan. I'm a man with loyalty, integrity and reputation. He's competent and reliable when is comes to telecommunication engineering systems.
Has worked for so many years and He has been rewarded for his commitment and diligent. Hes office is at Los Angeles California USA.


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COMPANY NAME: Nove Communications, Inc. | Los Angeles
OFFICE ADDRESS: 11601 Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066. USA
PHONE: +1-(206) 333-0018
WHATSAPP: +1-(206) 333-0018

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